Finding Bliss in the Busy

There I was. 

It was the Wednesday after Labor Day weekend. I was four weeks into my student teaching internship, starting a new job as a dancer teacher, trying to adapt to the fast pace of graduate school, and keep myself fed and well rested in the process. 

 And I’m sick.

What started out as a sore throat from a football game (Go Hogs!) turned itself into a full-blown illness. My head was so foggy I could barely remember my own name. I was half a bottle deep in Mucinex.

Somewhere between the eight hour school day, the chiropractor appointment, grocery shopping, eating, and working, it dawned on me I still had 6 hours until I would go home, and countless hours of homework before I finish my day. Tomorrow would bring the same story, I would be going for at least twelve hours.

All I could think about was my warm, cozy bed, my heating pack, Grey’s Anatomy, and  NyQuil. But that just wasn’t going to happen. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not the day after. There just wasn’t any time to slow down. There wasn’t any time to do anything.  

But by the end of that day, I was so thankful there wasn’t any time to slow down. Had I canceled my day & gone back to bed, I would have missed all the joy that day brought me.

I would have missed the Aha! moment of a student who had been struggling through science. I would have missed the opportunity to inspire a student to try harder, to try again. I would have missed the chance to hug my students goodbye and to talk about their days and to hear their stories. I would have missed the chance to sit with my mentor teacher and reflect, and grow as a young professional.

I wouldn’t have been able to start a new season of dance with a new group of wildly talented girls. I would have missed the opportunity to begin to teach them a new discipline and feel their excitement & joy as they heard their music for the first time. I would have missed the giggles and laughter that was shared with my new co-workers. I wouldn’t have shared hugs with these women, who have come to inspire me daily & guide me through my busy life.

I wouldn’t have found the blessings in all my busy. But that’s exactly what each one of those moments were, little moments of bliss. Moments I wouldn’t ever get to live again, moments I would never get back, moments I was lucky to share with the people in my life, moments that make up a lifetime of joy. Was it always going to be easy? No. Was I always going to be enjoying every moment like I wanted? No. But it was absolutely worth it.

So often it is too easy to be caught up in being so busy, so consumed by thinking about all the things we don’t get to do. The relaxation we are missing out on, the TV show we wanted to catch, the nap we didn’t get to have.

Instead, get caught up in finding the delight in all that busy. The smiles you get to share, the hugs you get to exchange, and the love you get to find. Get so caught up in enjoying those moments that being so busy becomes bliss.

So here’s to you 2017, where I hope to find myself blissfully busy all year long.


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